4 Most Popular Methods of Online Marketing

The digital world is an ever-changing platform constantly updated with newer technologies and newer methods of doing business. This trend extends to marketing as well with digital media experts constantly devising novel methods of increasing website reach and improving search rankings. Here we will look at the four most popular methods of marketing preferred by digital media experts around the world.


E-letters are one of the most personal marketing techniques, allowing a company to reach customers directly. This method of marketing is also the most cost effective. Customized e-letters are a great tool for communicating with your customers and can be easily shared among the customer’s list of contacts, thereby helping you reach potential buyers.


Videos are another popular marketing tool used more and more frequently by advertisers. This dynamic medium is most likely to be shared on social media networks leading to some of the highest click-through-rates for a website.


Infographics are a relatively recent but fast-growing trend in digital marketing. Cleverly designed graphics along with short, catchy text works as a great method of brand promotion. With so many distractions vying for a user’s attention, they are less likely to read long, wordy articles. A cleverly designed infographic does the work much better.


A blog is a great way of promoting a brand and informing customers about any new product or service. Blogs are a popular method of online marketing and usually display sharing options so a reader can share a particular post of their choice in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are many other methods that marketing specialists use to promote businesses online. However, creativity and an understanding of the fundamental needs of a business are crucial for a campaign’s success.