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Search engine marketing (SEM), uses paid advertisements to promote a business by helping it appear on search engine results pages. It has become one of the most effective methods of digital marketing providing companies with high ROI.


How Does SEM Work?

Advertisements are based on keywords that users include in their search queries. The best keywords are also the most in- demand leading to a keyword auction. Advertisers make bids for their desired keywords and the highest bidder wins.

Ads can include text or graphics and can display useful information like price, product review, contact information etc. An important consideration for SEM is to conduct a thorough keyword research before entering an auction. It is equally important for an ad to be visually attractive so careful attention must be given to its design.


Why Choose Digital Crazy Web?

Our team of SEM experts understands the finer points of digital marketing and what it takes to get the maximum views for a website. We have extensive experience in Google AdWords and marketing methods across Bing, and Yahoo! We work across several paid marketing platforms including Youtube and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.