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Twitter is a great platform for advertisers to promote business. With an estimated 319 million monthly active users (MAU), Twitter is a vast community of potential customers who can be converted into revenue.

Like Facebook, ads on Twitter are strategically placed to reach the target customer base. So, Twitter uses the information provided by its users including their search, tweet and related history to customize the ads that they can see. Twitter also helps in local promotion by matching their users’ location, IP address, profile and other information to relevant ads that may interest them.


What Kinds of Ads Does Twitter Have?

There are several different kinds of ads featured on Twitter including Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts. Custom-made ads can also be featured on Twitter with user information provided by a company’s affiliates and other ad partners including email ids, browser cookie ids, etc. This allows Twitter to display ads about only those products or services that a user may be interested in. For example, if a customer has made a purchase at a local bakery and subscribed to their newsletter, they may see an ad on Twitter related to that bakery.

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Similar to Facebook, Twitter also offers the opportunity for a business to grow its customer base through the medium of content sharing. Every time a user retweets an ad, more people get to see it. Twitter users can also follow the account of a brand that they like. Their followers will automatically be notified about this activity and may be persuaded to follow the same brand.