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Video is one of the most attractive and effective methods of digital marketing. A video helps you tell a story in as little as 10 secs and this is ample time, depending on how convincing your content is, to ‘hook’ a customer and pique their interest in your product or service.

According to an online survey, video advertisements constitute as much as 34 percent of digital ad spending. So what are the advantages of video marketing?


Creating Brand Identity

A video is the most effective way of creating a brand identity for a company. A good quality and well- executed video is most likely to appeal to a viewer on an emotional level. This automatically makes the video and thereby the brand memorable for the viewer.


Easy to share

A video is also a great tool for reaching out to a large number of people simply through sharing. A viewer who has watched and liked a video is very likely to share it with their contacts across social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This increases the scope of a company and helps grow its customer base.


Improving your website’s SEO

A Good video can enhance a company’s SEO value. This is because more people are likely to click on the video and visit your website thereby increasing traffic as well as conversions. A survey has found that 39 percent customers contact sellers after watching their videos online.


Why Choose Digital Crazy Web?

Our experienced team of digital marketers at Digital Crazy Web is adept at making and marketing video content. They are skilled in the latest software to make your video most attractive and have the marketing expertise to achieve maximum viewership for it. Further, they are well versed in the guidelines streamlined by the major search engines like Google and Bing to ensure optimum visibility.