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What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has been identified as a service that helps a business maintain its image online. With more and more businesses going online the digital sphere has become a microcosm of real life with the same perceptions, reactions, and habits. The internet has become our one- stop point for all information. Naturally, our perceptions and opinions are shaped by the information we receive.


Who Needs ORM?

In a sense, every business with an online presence needs some form of ORM. According to a survey, 70 percent of employers reject prospective employees because of negative feedback they read online. Another survey shows that 97 percent customers read online reviews of a company before contacting them. This goes to show the extraordinary power of the internet and the importance of maintaining the correct digital image.


How Does ORM Help You?

Today, in the middle of fierce corporate competitiveness, companies often resort to underhanded means to malign a rival’s reputation. A nasty review can seriously hamper a company’s business. This is a grave concern since nothing posted online can be erased. In this situation, it is important to have the mechanism to control and reduce damage. ORM works by publishing positive stories about a company on a regular basis so that they come up more frequently in search results. The positive stories queue up to displace the negative feedback or reviews.

ORM is closely linked to search engine optimization (SEO). ORM also works closely on keywords. However, unlike SEO where the aim is to achieve maximum visibility for a company, ORM is dedicated to achieving only those results which feature positive information about the company.


Why Choose Digital Crazy Web?

Online reputation management done correctly can rescue a company from failing business. Our digital media experts at Digital Crazy Web understand the tacticsof countering negative feeds. They can devise effective promotional campaigns that are able to boost positive stories about your business while downplaying any undesirable mentions.