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Social media networks present a massive platform for advertisers to promote their businesses. With Facebook alone accounting for 1.44 billion monthly active users, the scope of the social media community can hardly be overstated. In this scenario, a marketing tool gaining rapid momentum is social media advertising, with particular reference to Facebook.


Why Advertise On Facebook?

  • Placing a well-designed advertisement in Facebook means it will be viewed by your target audience ensuring maximum value. For example, a company selling sports gear wants to reach sports enthusiasts and athletes of a certain age group and socio-economic profile. Facebook matches the profiles of its members against this brief and places the ad on relevant pages.
  • A successful Facebook ad campaign can generate leads, increase customer conversion rates as well as enhancewebsite traffic. The ads should be smartphone-friendly and supportive of both iOS and Android platforms since the majority of social media users have access to smartphones.
  • Advertisers usually use Facebook to achieve one of two main goals- selling their products or boosting their brand identity. It is important to identify which of these ends a company wants to meet before embarking on the ad campaign.
  • A great advantage of Facebook ads is the possibility of increasing customer base through sharing. When a user likes an ad on Facebook, they are likely to share it within their network, increasing the scope of your visibility. However, this depends on the quality of the ad.


How Can We Help?

Digital Crazy Web specializes in digital marketing using paid advertisements across social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. We design attractive banners for your ad and undertake all related artwork and graphics. With infographics and videos coming up in every Newsfeed, it takes a great deal of skill to design an ad that catches the attention of a user.

Digital Crazy Web is your best choice for social media advertisement so call us today!