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YouTube receives 300 million visitors per day. A staggering five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. According to one estimate, half of internet users below the age of 32 will stop subscribing to a paid television service by 2025. These statistics show the massive reach of YouTube and the bulk of people it reaches every single day. This presents a great platform for advertisers to post their content and reach a wide demography of people through a single medium.


Types Of Ads

There are five main formats of advertisement on YouTube: display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, bumper ads and sponsored cards. Depending on your target audience and the nature of your ad content, you can choose from any one of these formats.


What’s My Advantage?

A great feature of YouTube advertising is that the advertiser has total control over his spending and can plan an ad campaign that suits his budget.

Another great advantage is that any payment is due only after a user actively watches your ad. If a user skips your ad before the stipulated 30 seconds, you don’t have to pay anything.

YouTube offers various options for filtering targets by age, sex, location, and interest.With its built-in Analytics feature, it’s very easy to track the performance of your ad on YouTube and make multiple changes to it to determine which option works best.


Why Choose Digital Crazy Web?

Digital Crazy Web works extensively on YouTube advertising services. We understand the dynamics of proper targeting to reach the desired customer base for your business. Our dedicated team of digital marketing experts shortlists the most effective keywords to match ads to relevant web content. We can effectively create an advertising campaign that is more tailor-made for your target customers as compared to other platforms like television or print.