What can create huge loss in web design?

To pay attention to Google Sitemaps , you can see the situation where Google spider web. Google Sitemaps crawl in record time that can be seen in the August 30. because the server is down, causing the crawl fails, the problem is caused by the collection of the greatest possible disappearance. Yesterday I wrote three elements selected keyword when thought to analyze keywords using Google Ad Words, today to explore.

Also yesterday, an example with roses and carnations. You can see Google give a clear answer. Between the main purpose of using this tool it is similar in expression meaning more keywords, to find one, or several relatively large amount of keyword search to help filter keywords, optimize your site for. But the development of this technology, you can let Google get a lot of opportunities in image recognition technology. MSN already have their own face recognition technology, although slightly rough, but the portrait into cartoon picture could have done.

Now Google earned this facial recognition technology in this Web Hosting field with some of a fight Microsoft. So when Google acquired Neven Vision, in addition to facial recognition technology to Picasa in there where I can use. Can not help but think of Google search of survival depend, in fact, itself owned 14 Neven Vision’s patented facial recognition, it has a camera phone-based image search engine.

Google will not put this technology into Google Image it? As long as an image, then Google can find similar or the same image on the Internet, and tell you where it is. Google Also mentioned that the development of this recognition technology, will not only include the characters, as well as objects and locations. And in the future, just tell the search engine, you are looking for features, it can help you find. :If you go to Neven Vision Website to see, only a link to a Google. It is said, Neven Vision phone have been cut off.