Influence of ORM on Business

Imagine you are a small business working with a small group of people and serving a limited base of clients. One of your employees leaves the company on unfavorable terms and goes on to write a grossly negative review about your company ethics online. According to a survey, 97 percent customers read online reviews of a company before contacting them. This goes to show the extraordinary power of the internet and the importance of maintaining the correct digital image. Online Reputation Management (ORM) works to preserve a business’s image online. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, a nasty review can seriously hamper a company’s business. This is a grave concern since nothing posted online can be erased.
The importance of maintaining the right image online is such that big multinational corporations are hiring professionals for their ORM activities. ORM works on the principle of damage control. It uses the method of publishing positive stories about a company on a regular basis so that they come up more frequently in search results. The positive stories queue up to displace any negative feedback or reviews.
ORM is dedicated to achieving only those results, which feature positive information about the company.ORM is closely linked to search engine optimization (SEO). ORM also works closely on keywords. However, unlike SEO where the aim is to achieve maximum visibility for a company,
A brand’s online image is directly linked to its revenue earning potential. Ergo, it is crucial to have the mechanism in place to neutralize any negative results and ensure a brand is presented in the best light.