Case Studies

Achieved Tremendous Response with Our SEO Efforts

Renowned as leading Google Chrome, Oaxray served the purpose of
finding the outcome of search engine performance for a retailer website. It brings coded spreadsheet on one single click that has information on ROI, Sales rank, and many more statistics that a retailer is always interested to find out.


The site had serious W3C validation issues. Besides, the website was
not SEO-friendly by any means. Due to this, it lacked satisfactory ranks for the targeted keywords, and so it did not get enough visitors.


Our SEO efforts paid a rich dividend to Oaxray. With satisfactory keyword ranking, the company was successful in generating traffic as well as positive leads. We started working on the project in the last week of November 2016. Between December 15, 2016, and February 28, 2017, more than 7,200 visitors clicked the search results and that brought more than 38,500 impressions. It is worth mentioning that the entire
lead was generated through organic SEO practices.