Case Studies

Garage Doors Online – Project That Showed Amazing Results

Garage Doors Online is based in Victoria in Australia. Though its best efforts, the client was unable to reach the target of business. It was becoming an expensive affair for the client. He was even thinking about shutting down the business.


While we undertook the project, we noticed multiple technical defects in the website. To promote the website and the business, we needed to resolve these problems as early as possible. The content of the website was duplicate that resulted in heavy bounce rate. It had multiple issues with the URLs for different pages. Besides, the canonical issues were also noticed.


After conducting the thorough SEO audit, the experts realized to revise the entire content to make it unique. We added SEO-friendly content and various tags with them. We also changed the images and added alt tags with them wherever necessary. The development team solved the issues related to URL structure and duplicate URLs. The hard work continued for a couple of months and then the website started showing the result. At present, the client is very pleased with our efforts. For the first time, he is getting a befitting ROI too!